Sunday, April 12, 2009

the girls on Easter Sunday

Thank you for the wonderful response to my "Uncommon Edges" piece! Some asked if I would share close-ups of the evolution of other two faces, so here goes: The first pictures are the set-up for kilnfiring the glass -- pieces of fiber paper (especially formulated for the high temperatures in kilns) over which the glass will be placed:


Here is my first and unsuccessful pass at printing a digitally colored version of Silvergirl on cloth and quilting her -- problems: 1) this first quilted image had no eyebrow (zounds!) and I didn't like the upper left area of the hairline; 2) no depth in the stitching -- I needed to add one more layer of batting.

Second pass:

And here is the quiltlet which I then attached to the top of the finished quilt:

And here is a closeup of Silvergirl in glass:

Here is the fiber paper image of Sahara:

The Sahara quiltlet:

...and here is the Sahara glass version:

I drilled four holes in each glass portrait and used fishing line run through buttons on the back of the quilt to anchor the glass. I was worried about the weight of the glass, but actually it hangs well and the weight does not seem to be a problem. Please let me know if you have any more questions!!!

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