Thursday, May 28, 2009


Okay, here's the plan for the obis. I have a commission, of sorts. Our best friends (who, sadly, live on the other side of the continent, in Boston), have a vaulting entryway which needs adornment. Enter the obis. And the photo above. I will esplain (Ricky Ricardo talk).

Our friends just returned from a trek through the startlingly stunning back country of Utah. The photo is just one of many they provided me as candidates for a piece for the entryway. Look at the colors. Now look at the colors in the obis in yesterday's post. A match, yes?

So, here's my proposal. Create a piece, incorporating the obis (one or more) and fused glass. The piece will in some way reflect the essence of their photo -- the extent of that 'essence' is still in the rumination stage -- abstract, representational, how and where to use the glass and obi material, can I dye fabric to get the colors I need? Lots of fun.

This necessitates cutting into the obis. I hope this isn't blasphemous.

Just because the Utah pictures are so spectacular, here are a few more...

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