Friday, May 29, 2009

digital designing

Yes, that's my design wall -- with something on it other than schoolwork!!! Hooray! Here's how it's going...

I played with the photo below that I posted yesterday, taken by our best friends. I will be making a vertical 20" by 40" piece for their entryway, and will use their photo as "inspiration."

I plugged the image into Photoshop to find a nice 1:2 ratio crop. Voila:

Since the clouds in the initial picture were intriguing, I moved those down into the crop, and magically...

I wanted to make a full size model for my design wall, so I pulled almost all the saturation out and came up with this nifty rendition (remember, kudos to my girlfriend for the swell photography here):

Then I printed the almost-black-and-white version on my color printer and winged it to Kinko's (or whatever they call themselves now) to make full sized copies.

And lucky me -- I'm taking Rayna Gilman's five day surface design class at Quilters' Studio next month, so maybe I will make some fab fabric for my new piece!

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