Friday, June 19, 2009

best of show

One of the exercises in Rayna Gillman's class today was to interpret an image. Diana Shore's piece, pictured above, knocked our collective socks off. The depth in the statue was well nigh astonishing. Best of show indeed!

Here are some results from the glue-on-silkscreen printing. First, Karen Rips:

Next, some saturated layering by Sharon Walker:

GayMcNeal produced this image by overprinting her glue silkscreen image with a thermofax screen:

Maren Johnston overprinted several silkscreens to produce this:

This piece by Carolyn Ryan was done with gelatin and string:

And to show us all what these methods can produce, Rayna modeled her silk scarves for us:

All her methods are explained in detail in her book Create Your Own Hand Printed Cloth. If you ever get the chance, take her class, a guaranteed wild and crazy adventure in creativity. And we have two more days in this workshop!

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