Saturday, June 20, 2009

workshop day 4: evolution, part one

Day 4 of Rayna Gillman's workshop sped by like a hummingbird in search of nectar -- and whoosh, it was over before I even thought of breaking out the camera. The photo above (taken on day 2) shows Rayna arranging torn newspaper strips under a silkscreen -- the paper acts as a resist and the screen image has a wonderful rawness about it.

Here is my newspaper arrangement:

The cloth I printed from this newspaper silkscreen is still at Quilters' Studio, and I will post pictures of it when I bring it home. The print was so swell that I decided to put the newspaper image into Corel Painter and use a sumi brush to make a calligraphic image from it:

I made a thermofax screen from this image. I also used it as a refence when I made my silkscreen with Elmer's glue -- I held the image in one hand and "drew" it in glue on the screen. Rayna showed us how the glue drips if you leave the screen to dry in an upright position -- way cool results!

So, when we put our screens outside to dry, some of us propped them up so we would intentionally get those way cool drips. Here is my screen as it was drying:

Okay, then I made a print on some woven white and black cotton. I posted this piece here a few days ago and wrote of the different images people saw in it. I am sticking with the Craftsman/Frank Lloyd Wright willow tree interpretation:

Today we started working on a piece using something we have made. I chose this willow tree image. Now the super super fun starts (as opposed to the super fun we have been having up till now).

I put my image into Photoshop and altered the color. Many times. Many many times. Here are some of the results:

Now at this point, those may look wild and crazy, and you may think, "What is wrong with this woman? Those colors are wild and crazy...and u-g-l-y!" But withhold your aghastness until tomorrow's post!!! (And I promise to take photos then, too!)


kathy said...

I don't think those colors are ugly at all...I like them verrrryyy much!

Vivien said...

I think all your class samples look great, colors and all. And I agree that a class with Rayna is fabulous! I was lucky enough to take a one-day workshop with her and have always wished I could have done more. I'll live vicariously through you.

Staci said...

I really like what you've done. Looks like a fabulous class!

Cindy Cooksey said...

I loved looking at your photos. I took Rayna's 2-day workshop the previous weekend in Fullerton, and it was awesome.... But now I see how much more you could get done in 5 days. Thanks for sharing!

Linda Laird said...

Dear Pam,
In this shape, I see a very tall, very twisty roller coaster.

Love the differing colorways: the many moods of Elmer's Glue!

Keep up the good work,

Linda Laird

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