Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rayna workshop, day 5: evolution redux

On the last day (sniff sniff) of Rayna Gillman's five day workshop in surface design, we critiqued our pieces-so-far based on fabric we created in class. The operative mantra "What if?" really helped us to delve into alternative possibilities with aplomb. Some people's work looked better upside down!

In the photo above, Rayna and Judy Rys jointly tackle this re-evaluation process. At least five separate pieces of fabric are arranged here to produce a dynamic effect -- the diagonal line going from the lower left toward the upper right.

Here, Karen Rips is flanked by two masterpieces-in-waiting (Karen is one of my fav-o-rite artists).

Two other happy students stand by their work: Sharon Walker and Jan Prezzano:

More eye candy:

Quilters' Studio owner Eileen Alber is going to add more surface design to this piece after the blocks are sewn together. The sashing fabrics are her own hand dyed cloth:

I printed variations of the central motif I had created with an Elmer's glue screen (that still sounds bizarre!), and used these to 'frame' the larger piece:

I'll post pix of this one as it evolves.

Bye bye, Rayna, and thanks a million.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in total awe everytime I see your work! To see you each day working on Rayna's exercises and coming out with such dyn-o-mite pieces. It was my pleasure to watch you and your many friends produce such energy! Thank you for this wonderful blog, I will be visiting often.

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