Monday, June 22, 2009

Rayna withdrawal

Oh, no Rayna class today! I think I am in Raynawithdrawal.

The best antidote is to go forward with my piece. Rayna felt it needed the large space beneath the images and the rest of the class concurred. How to manage that? On today's morning run with my trusty dog Sanjagirl, when the mind wanders into things creative, I thought I might try a simple fused glass piece there, one that echoed the central image. do this, I needed a black and white version. Here it is next to my scalpel, ready for work:

I used the scalpel cut the image from glass-fusing fiber paper, a thick material for use in kilns. Here is my final mold:

I placed clear iridescent glass over the mold, set my firing schedule, and turned on the kiln. The results should be a bas relief of the image. Results on Wednesday!

I have in mind placing this glass piece in the middle of the open space at the bottom, possibly over a print of the image, which would show through the bas relief. Since I only used one layer of glass, the piece will be quite light, so it shouldn't weigh down the quilt.

My other thought is to use the glass at the point of the "L" where the smaller images converge (lower left).

And then, the glass may not work at all!

1 comment:

Rayna said...

Of course, in the end it is your piece, Pam. Play with it and I'll be very eager to see how you end up finishing this wonderful piece.

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