Thursday, June 25, 2009

conundrum begone

Before I immersed myself in Raynaland, I was struggling with how to go forward with my piece for Cathie. A review...I made the image below in Corel Painter, digitally creating a woodcut from a photo my friend Cathie took in Utah. I have made fused glass clouds, and have been conundrified by options re: further development (i.e. do I cover the rock with fabric, and if so, how?).

Previously, I had tried the fused glass clouds with the shiny side up:

I had also tried inverting the glass. The non-shiny side shows all the cuts I made in the reverse sculpture mold. I had designed the cuts to echo the rough texture of the rock below the sky, and hoped that this texture would show through to the front.

It does. However...Rayna asked us to bring projects-in-waiting for a critique, and when I showed her the glass, she really liked them with the rough texture side "up." Others agreed.

So, here are two clouds in place, rough texture up:

I'll add a third cloud (good things come in odd numbers).

The big decision is that I am not going to attach any fabric to the rock. I will add stitching with number 8 perle cotton (somewhat heavy) in different colors and work with the texture in the rock. This will be on a layer of batting, so the result will be dimensional.

I talked with Cathie, in whose home this piece will live, and she is thrilled with these decisions. Now I have to order the gallery wrapped stretcher bars and ... maybe a mid-July finish date.

I will be making at least one more version of this piece -- I ordered extra prints from I'll be more daring with these, and probably work myself into another conundrum or two.

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