Thursday, August 27, 2009

another crane in the oven

One of the anomalies of kilnformed glass is its secret molecular life -- that is, when it feels cool, those little molecule-devils are still scampering about deciding who is going to end up where.

During this process, thermal shock is a risk. The fracture in my first pass at Frasier the Crane is most likely the result of that process -- and that is possibly the result of an improper firing schedule.

So, another incarnation of Frasier is now in the oven/kiln. Meanwhile, I purchased a good hoop and some threads to start playing with threadpainting a crane. The first picture above shows the obi material I am going to use as part of the crane piece.

As you may note from the hour I am writing this, the fracture development is a bit disquieting. However, my husband and I are returning to Lotusland today, so all is good.

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