Tuesday, August 18, 2009

manna from Oregon

My husband's sister reads this blog and noted my treasured purchase of some Indonesian tjaps (pronounced "chops") some months back. Out of nowhere last week, a package arrived from her, wrapped in the uber Klebaum way (my mother-in-law was the Packaging Queen of the West): layers of tape, paper, labels, all designed to ensure a safe arrival and necessitating the enlisting of multiple knives and scissors to retrieve the contents.

A small handwritten note: "Bangkok, 1967" - where my career Army nurse sister-in-law was stationed during the Vietnam War -- and a vivid description of how she saw these tools used to make batik cloth skirts.

The handwriting echoed the hand of my husband's mother - schoolboard perfect loops and slant, an imaginary straight line guiding the script.

Indeed, a layered gift -- thoughtful, delightful, evocative. I thank you, Julie.

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Rayna said...

Oh, Pam, what a treasure! And what a thoughtful, generous sister-in-law.

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