Thursday, September 24, 2009


We learn oodles about the principles of composition in my myriad art classes -- presently, negative space and the quality of line are our object of study.

As I 'cropped' my glass willow tree, cutting off the broken side on the left, the elegance and tranquility of the "s" curve of the trunk emerged. I looked to my original silkscreened image and saw that "s" as well.

I am more pleased with this glass piece than I was as it emerged from the kiln -- it is lighter now, opening the possibility that I could use it with the textile if I mount the finished piece on Plexiglas and affix the glass willow with fishing line -- a method I have used a lot in my work.

Here is the glass with a quiet early autumn light shining through --

The colors in the textile and glass work well, but, unfortunately, these colors do not come through in my photos. I'll have to think about how these two might work together and not look as though I have merely combined two media absent an art-compelled reason.

Possibilities indeed.

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