Wednesday, November 4, 2009

prescience, oops

Please cry for me, Argentina. As I wrote yesterday that I would have to cut the holes in the glass willow tree (so I could eventually attach it to my textiles), I felt a sense of foreboding. As I am the cockeyed optimist type, this was unusual. And prescient.

This glass piece is one thick puppy. And, it turns out that my diamond drill bits were not up to the task (see two broken bits to the left of this sad piece).

So, what next? Make this a design element? I will cut off the opposite edge and see how that looks. I suspect that I will have to work the piece until all four edges 'match' -- so, this could be a "good thing" (Martha Stewart talk).

p.s. I ordered top-of-the-line diamond drill bits for my next go-round. Bless the Internet.

1 comment:

Lynn Weathers said...

So sorry it broke but do try to turn this into a design opportunity! It's too pretty to scrap yet.

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