Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas quilt redux

Here are jolly St.Nick, Frosty, a cavorting cat and an errant reindeer who must have gotten away from Santa, Rudolph and Company.

Frosty has delightful buttons and a scarf that surreptitiously reads "Love N(oel)" (if you are a new reader, welcome, and my husband's name is Noel, hardy har har):

The flat cat sports a wonderful reindeer and that motif is repeated on the pewter button below it/him/her:

I had fun with swirly quilting lines:

Actually, making the entire quilt was fun.  Do reindeer have tails?


SewCalGal said...

Beautiful Christmas Quilt. And I love the flat cat. LOL.

I hope you'll check out the Virtual Quilt Show at my blog. And, I hope you'll consider entering the show...just be sure to check out the rules, if you want to win any prizes. Random drawing for winner(s) will be held on December 25th!


Lynn Weathers said...

I'm pretty sure reindeer have tails. Yep! I just googled "reindeer photos" and there are several photos that show their short stubby little tails.

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