Wednesday, December 9, 2009

practice makes...better

Who is standing on my quilt??? Somebody with dogs on her socks...

I made this bevy of angels block to honor the three Price sisters.  Of course, as the youngest, and the Maker of the Quilt, my likeness is front and center, and boy, did I have fun with the fabric that spelled my husband's name!

I managed to spell out "Noel" four times, and even had the chance to quilt a heart around one set of Noelbears.

My oldest sister used to live in New England, so I outfitted her in flannel.

Also note that as I made more blocks, my needle turning improved.  Flat pointed stars turned into round pointed stars.  I don't think I ever arrived at pointy stars. But it's a folk art piece, so that is forgiven.

For me, practice didn't make "perfect," but it did make "better."

1 comment:

SewCalGal said...

Beautiful quilt. I love your angeles.

I hope you'll check out my Virtual Christmas Quilt Show on my site and consider entering it. Random drawing for prizes on Dec 25th. Just be sure to follow the rules, if you want to be qualified for winning a prize.


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