Wednesday, January 6, 2010

r r r r repetition

[A continuation of my reflections on whether my work can said to be identifiable as mine, to wit, do I have (a) style?]

Okay, in reviewing my work, it was not a revelation to see that I have created many pieces based on the same image. Methods varied: large versions in cool and warm colors, comprised of commercial fabrics fused to whole cloth; digital images printed on silk, cotton, organza; the image translated into fused glass, copper...

And what did I choose as my personal mother of all design principles? Rrrrepetition. Here, repetition within and across several works -- an exploration of the variation of form, color, texture --

So, what is repetition supposed to do in art? Create organized movement, make the artwork seem active, perhaps guide the viewer's eye.

Repetition was the central motif in this piece, made for a friend, in which a digital image of an alstroemeria was repeated many times, both in the silk print on the right, and the printed organza blocks on the left:

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