Friday, January 8, 2010

style across disciplines

Ah! This photograph was just juried into our local art association's yearly open competition -- a different crop of it was on my blog last summer.

Asymmetrical balance -- the focal point is that mysterious whirligig shape of the passion flower, luckily (for me) graced with morning dewdrops. The diagonal lines in the flower move the eye up to the right and around.

Fortunately for me, the yellow-orange marigold provided a marvelous strong complementary color contrast to the flower's purple hues, and even more fortunate, the extreme focus on the dewdrops caused the adjacent areas to recede in focus.  I'd like to say I planned that, but I am not that adept with things camera-esque.

I think my favorite element in this photo is that little curvy hook at the top right of the petals --that curve is on a different plane than the rest of this entrancing plant, and seems to beckon one to come in and enjoy this creature's complexities.

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