Friday, March 5, 2010

branching out

This Frank Gehry masterpiece stopped me in my tracks. Literally. As I wrote, other than one other fellow with a camera, I was alone there, and the upstairs was open, giving one full access.  I would take photos and stop, look, breathe. I will have to return, as I only took 60 or so shots, which is not many for that large a place. 

I will print the image above on cotton sateen and play with threads again -- my color choices are a radical departure from my normal saturated hues. I wanted to try to preserve the sleekness the steel -- the palette? Well, it's an experiment.

The building has an Asian aesthetic to me -- the sails of ancient Chinese junk boats -- and the tree could be a cherry blossom.   I don't know if the texture of the sky and tree works, but it's worth a try. Here is the original photo in black and white:

1 comment:

Karen said...

Beautiful colors on this one

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