Wednesday, March 3, 2010

unspeakable grace

When you walk in our home and look left, a professional photo of Frank Gehry's magnificent Los Angeles edifice, the Disney Hall Concert Center, graces our wall. I have a minor love affair with that indescribably stunning structure. 

The building is a study in, among other things, abstraction, so my mind has been revisiting those forms as I am considering my current Digital to Textile challenge. The latter  seems to call for an abstract piece, which is forcing me out of my comfort zone -- relying on at least a modicum of representation in my work. 

An aha moment! What a good idea! I will make the 70 mile trek to the Gehry masterpiece with my camera in tow and see where that leads!  So, several weeks ago, very early on a Sunday morning, I did just that.  Hardly anyone was there, so I had the place almost all to myself, a minor miracle in metropolitan Los Angeles. The photo above is one of many I took.  

Here is an awful first pass at digitally changing some colors -- the left panel is way too dark, the sky value too saturated (not to mention a terrible color choice) -- I show this to illustrate the concept, "What is wrong with this picture?"  

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