Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SAQA auction piece in the mail!

For a fundraiser, members of the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) make one foot square finished pieces which will be put up for auction later this year.  They are all posted on the association's website, and I will of course let everyone know when the bidding starts.

The background here is a vintage obi, which was exactly 12 inches wide. On it I placed the kimono woman image I had made for an earlier piece, again printed on silk organza, so she would be partially transparent, lending a mysterious (I hope) aura to the scene depicted in the obi.

I then took to a vintage kimono with scissors and cut out some small designs, which I attached in open areas in the obi design.  Large stitches outline the design of the obi.

As the sides of the obi were already finished and needed no binding or facing, I tried to make the piece appear like a Japanese scroll by attaching a thin binding to the top and bottom, using a silk/satin fabric I had dyed last year.  Here is the label for Obi Redux:

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