Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am working on the design for my "homeless theme" piece. I am thinking of using paper lamination, a process in which a photocopy is attached to a sheer fabric using a matte medium.

The photo above shows the first step, after the matte medium has dried. This is then immersed in water:

The goal of this process is to remove the photo, so it appears ragged, or fragmented. I thought this would be appropriate for my subject matter. Unfortunately, my results were not good -- I could not remove much of the photo.

Here it is, photo side up, sheer underneath:

Here it is as it would appear right side up:

I will get some taupe sheer and try another lamination, maybe using less matte medium.

Yesterday I went back to see Thomas, the homeless man who is the subject of this current work. Among other things, I took him a print of a photo I had taken of him last week -- a nice crop of his face, taken slightly from below. I was touched when he was visibly happy with the photo. Maybe thrilled. That was good.


Fulvia said...

Pamela, I am doing some right now myself and I kept thinking about your post ... did you heat set with an iron and also let it soak for some 10 minutes in the bucket? You may have omitted these steps for the sake of brevity here, I don't know but I thought it worth asking ... ?

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

Thanks, Fulvia. Yes, I let it soak for about 15 minutes, then after it dried, I heat set it. I followed all the directions in the "Paper Lamination" book. I used a knife, a meat tenderizer (that pointy thing!), a scrubby, and a lot of elbow grease.
Since the photo size was too large, I am chalking this one off to experience and will try it again. I did find some brown sheer, which will give a better effect, I think.
Again, Fulvia, you are so helpful with your suggestions! My thanks.

Fulvia said...

I was under the impression that, after letting it dry in the sun for instance, you heat set it with a dry iron over parchment paper and *then* you dunk it in a bucket of water ... no? In the one I am soaking right now, I only let the liquid medium go through a thermofax screen image ... I should have very little on the sheer with this first layer.

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