Saturday, May 22, 2010

dirt painting

About 10 days ago, Thomas (not his real name) told me that the photo portrait I had given him had been stolen and he would like a replacement.  When I took him one, he keenly noted, after studying his close-up image, that it was a different crop. Indeed it was. He also commented, "I needed a shave." We both laughed about that.

He told me he liked that the original photo included more of adjacent the star pine tree in the background, so I made a new version and took it down to the park yesterday to give it to him.

He was not there. I went twice. I'll keep the photo in the car and try to find him next week. Meanwhile, I had wanted to gather some dirt and grass from the park to use on my fabric, so that I did. Here is my treasure trove, of sorts:

In the first photo above, I have used some of the dirt to "paint" what I felt to be a too-bright yellow color at the bottom of this photo-printed-on-fabric. I think I may have found a new textile paint. Wall art isn't washed, is it?

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