Thursday, September 9, 2010


In this photo are the fixins for a new piece I am working on for a challenge in the Santa Barbara-based group I belong to, Fibervision. Ingredients, so far are: 1)  three photos of from-our-garden roses: bud, bloom, and apres-bloom, each printed on cotton sateen. [Here's a collage of these]
...2) Lying below the rose photos and the fused glass rose [see first blog photo], a hand-dyed-cinnamon colored-radiance blend (silk and cotton) I made some time ago. I plan to overdye this in a shibori pattern in red. I would like an open loose pattern similar to the one I made in Jayne Larson's shibori class--
Of course, nothing is repeat-able, but I will try to approximate -- the background will be the cinnamon color I have now, and the pattern will be in red (one can hope).

...and 3) a fused glass rose I just took out of the kiln this morning! Here's how I designed it: first, I printed a black-and-white version of a photo I had taken of a rose:
I traced some of the lines, trying to pare the design down to its essence and emanating Frank Lloyd Wright's craftsman style:
I traced the design onto fiber paper, a thick kiln-proof material, and cut out the pieces with my trusty disposable scalpels I purchased at the medical supply store:
I chose a deep amber/golden color of glass, and voila, this is the result:
Sorry for the wonky photo -- I had to hold the glass up and photograph it at the same time.

I'll write later about the composition of the piece and other sundry items.

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Jayne said...

Pam, your glass rose turned out great! Can't wait to see the whole thing together..

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