Friday, September 10, 2010

Habitat for Humanity piece finished!

Here is my finished piece for the Marantz family, who will soon move into one of the new Habitat for Humanity of Orange County homes.  Turning the houses in to homes was overseen by the volunteer organization Furnishing Hope of Orange County. They enlisted Jamie Fingal to provide the homes with art work that depicted a home that specifically reflected the new owners' tastes.

To that end, I was given a photo of a multi-paneled painting the owners love. That painting is peek-able through the front window. As well, the sky is an amalgam of the painting's elements, courtesy of digital manipulation by moi in Photoshop.

The stitching is all in a clear monofilament, save the chimney which is in a homey red-brick cotton. As well, the sun was illuminated with a size 8 perle cotton thread.

Here is a photo of the label on the back:

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Anonymous said...

Dear Pamela,
I just left the Habitat for Humanity homes in SJC. My guild, along with Orange Grove Quilters and Flying Geese quilt guild was delivering "cuddle" quilts for each member of the family in every home. Your wonderful "home" wall hangings were a highlight of our home tour! They were amazing in every way! What a great gift of love for these families.
Julie Greenspan
Beach Cities Quilters Guild

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