Monday, September 13, 2010

shibori not-so-much

When last seen, this fabric was an orangesque-cinnamon color. My goal was to overdye it with turkey red Procion MX dye. I wrapped the fabric around a pole and scrunching it together, a shibori method I learned in Jayne Larson's recent class, hoping to achieve a classic shibori pattern. Not so much.

The carpenters' creed is "measure twice, cut once." A more general creed for any project is "read the directions first." I measured fine, but in my eager glee, I skipped reviewing the wrapping directions and made a big mistake. Oops.

In spite of my error, which I will never repeat, the results were swell, and I will still use the fabric in my rose-devolution project. Overdyeing the cinnamon color with turkey red produced a deep garnet. The cotton side of this cotton-silk blend does have some shibori pattern, I said, not-so-much (top right, photo). 

With dyeing, it's hard not to love the result. It's all good, as they say.

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