Sunday, November 7, 2010


We are preparing to gut and remodel a bathroom, and I have had the pleasure of learning about the newest in low flow shower heads, the most effective methods for eliminating floor creaks, and, of course, what is stunning and expensive in bathroom tiles, as those tiles are the ones I inevitably want.

Predictably, my obsession with these details has kept me out of the studio, but happy nonetheless. Did you know that the standard countertop height for kitchens and bathrooms is 36"? That's up from the 30" that was the height when our house was built, the year my husband and I graduated from high school -- 1965. Learning these little tidbits is fascinating.

So, since I am not producing any art to blog about right now, I thought I would share a photo of what I am doing with some recent pieces I made. The two works on the ends in this picture of our living room are pieces I have made for our Digital to Textile challenge. I get to see them every day.

Our minigroup is considering trying to arrange a show of all or some of the Digital to Textile challenge pieces, so we have agreed not to offer any of the works for sale yet. So my living room has become a sort of a repository. Since many times, my pieces come to feel tantamount to friends, I am not complaining.

When you spend so much time creating something, it becomes hard to let it go. Maybe I will hang one of the other pieces in the new bathroom.

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