Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sanjagirl is a Habitat Star!

Habitat for Humanity is presenting some Orange County military families with new homes, and again artist Jamie Fingal has enlisted the help of her cadre of textile volunteers to create a small home-themed piece for each family.

This is the second round for these -- I posted my first one here.

In this piece, we were to include a house, a flag, a tree...and a black Lab. Well, no, the last item wasn't exactly required, but I thought any domestic scene would be much more dear with a little puppy in the yard.

Who could resist this little face?

Last time, I was given a photo of one of the family's paintings, and I used its colors to create the sky. The painting was also visible on the living room wall through the front window.

This time, we had no photos from the honored family, so on this living room wall, I placed large photograph of the U.S.S. Constitution, hanging over a comfy sofa. The rolling waves of the flag make up the sky.

And of course, at the side of the house, Sanjagirl the puppy is playing with her pine cone, just waiting for the family members to come out an join her in a romp in the newly fallen maple leaves.

Luck girl, lucky family.

I'll post a pic of the final piece after it is stitched.

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