Monday, December 27, 2010

new Digital to Textile pieces posted!

[cross-posted from the Digital to Textile website -- go there to see the original photo that inspired these pieces, and the works of other members of the group]

                                                                               "Up"       13" x 15"

An overwhelming sense of movement was suggested by both the figures and the staircase in Loris' photo of the Getty art museum. I made a tight crop of the image, and then digitally removed much of the detail.

In this photograph, the figures, all older,  seem resolute and focused as many hold on to the rails as they climb the stairs. Art awaits above.

A spare amount of transparent stitching outlines the figures and the grids that contain them.

Those grids had inspired an earlier piece, which I blogged about at month one. To finish that one, I trimmed the outside edges off the sheer overlay. I encouraged the threads to fall where they may.

Here it is sans explanatory text...

                                                                             "Grids"   14" x 16"

I do like the interplay of the sheer and the underlying image in this piece, but I'm not sure I like it better with the outside sheer edges removed.

I can't decide which of these two pieces I like better (or worse). This is a testament to the power of Loris' photo -- a real gem.

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