Wednesday, December 29, 2010

adventures in Sanjaland

Just about every morning, Sanjagirl and I go for a run at the park. When the trails are muddy, as they are now, we go way back in the park's canyon to the Little League fields, where the asphalt parking lot offers a ready non-slip surface for our cavorting.

This Ventura canyon abuts the huge Lloyd ranch, a home range for many many cattle.  They roam at will, and in the off season are allowed to graze on the grounds near the Little League fields, enclosed by various forms of fencing.

Sanjagirl, always with a stick in her mouth (look closely above), was intrigued...all that was between the mom and her calf...

and a host of other creatures was a small break in that chain link fence. She dropped her stick and wriggled through, barking, running towards the biggest steer, announcing her presence...

 As she approached, the steer turned to see what the rucus was all about.

Would Sanjagirl try to herd? Would she try to lick? Would she survive this tete a tete?

Well, it turns out the steer couldn't be bothered by my ferocious barking black Lab. As much as Sanjagirl cavorted about and barked, the steer just turned away and resumed its lazy grazing.

Smart steer, that one. It knows that Sanjagirl is indeed all bark and no bite.

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