Sunday, January 16, 2011

glass and textiles and cabinet doors, oh my

SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) has a travelling trunk show, a collection of small pieces that traverse the country to show how textile works can be art.

I plan to submit a work that includes fused glass, in the vein of this one I made a few months ago:

The glass piece in the first photo is now in the kiln, lid closed, and with luck, will emerge in a few days as a single piece of glass with cool geometric shapes and colors:

Now I will dye some transparent silks and make the complementary textile, visible seams, mehopes, that echo the structure of the glass piece.

This project popped up in the middle of working on the fused glass cabinet door inserts I wrote about earlier this week. For the latter, I have settled on a design, tra la. More on that later.

The seemingly opaque lines in the current piece is the transparent steel-blue  glass I bought for the door inserts. I borrowed some of that glass for this project.

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