Thursday, January 13, 2011

returneth the muse

I have written before of muse visitations, which in my life regularly occur during a daily soak-to-the-handprune-stage bath. I usually emerge from the bath not only spic and span. but also imbued with new ideas for art endeavors. Evidently my muse abhors showers (as I do), and has been noticeably absent as we have been remodeling our bathroom for the past two months.

But, as of yesterday, both my muse and the bathtub have returned!

Here's my latest project. As you can see above, the bath walls are a steel blue glass tile, accompanied by a silver-and-charcoal porcelain tile that looks as if it were created by a master woodcarver:

My project is to design three fused glass cabinet inserts for the bamboo linen tower that sits atop a limestone-topped vanity (more on the superb craftsman and craftsmanship of this in a future post):

The finished insert pieces will be the result of fusing two layers of glass together. I ordered some special extra-thin fusing glass for this project, mindful of the necessity of a not-too-thick result. Here are my muse's initial thoughts:

1.  use transparent glass --opalescent would have an appearance of being too overpowering visually
2.  combine a clear glass with a steel-blue transparent

For weeks, this is as far as my mind would wander. But a wonderful idea emerged -- base the design of the glass inserts on...ta da...woodcutesque liner tile (pictured here in close-up)!!! 

Now, how do I accomplish this? Well, fortunately, although the bathroom is still not complete, the bathtub area is, so I can now soak to my heart's delight and work out this challenge with the aid of my muse. Stay tuned for the joint venture!

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