Thursday, March 17, 2011

figure and ground

                                                       detail of reverse side, "Figure and Ground"

Here's a closeup of a portion of the reverse side of the piece I just finished. I named it "Figure and Ground." As I wrote before, it has been submitted to a juried show, so I don't want to reveal the front.  This has been a yearlong experimental-miss-and-hit process, and making the final piece itself taught me oodles.

The theme of the show is "The Space Between" and here is my artist statement:

As the space between figure and ground shifts, we see imaginary shapes emerging from puffs of clouds and swirls of plaster. From the exaggerated curves in Frank Gehry's architectural masterpiece Disney Concert Hall, my mind conjures up the graceful lines of the female form. This piece interprets my fanciful visions.

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