Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the process of planning

                                                            backing (reverse side) of a new piece!

I just finished the backing (reverse side) of a piece I've been working on for an upcoming juried show, developing an idea that I have blogged about before (ad nauseum, some might comment right now!).

Here's the scoop...I went to Frank Gehry's Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and took oodles of photos.
I chose the two shown above, and digitally combined these images into one and painted them:

Some people see choo choo trains in clouds; others see Jesus in potato chips. I see human forms in the lines of these architectural structures. I wanted to represent that, so I drew a form so I could then superimpose it over the architectural lines. Here she is:

I spent many an hour melding these images, printing oodles of versions on fabric. These I used to create this back side of the piece.

I'm keeping my final image of the front side of the quilt a secret until I submit the piece for jurying later this month. One thing I will reveal is that when I finish the piece, stitched images of this female form will be visible on the reverse side!

So, I designed the reverse side so that, once the whole piece is stitched, one could "read" these stitched female forms, and they would in turn be surrounded by other pieces of fabric that repeated portions of those female figure designs.

Okay, now go back and look at the first photo with imaginary stitching. Fun, eh?

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