Thursday, July 14, 2011


15 x 37" digital image, printed on cotton

A third pass at using watercolor paints on my new piece was equally b l a h.

When I first scanned my drawing and enlarged it digitally, I had played around with coloring the piece digitally as well. Luckily, I saved that file.

I did some more digital painting and came up with the image above -- it's about 37" high and 15" wide. I used my trusty printer to produce the image on cotton sateen (paper backed), so now she is printed with archival inks, drying and ready for stitch work.


norma said...

This is beautiful! How will you quilt it?

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

Thank you, Norma. I am quilting it now -- on the sketch lines. Those that are broken lines -- hmm, on some of those, I am stitching on the line, skipping the open (white) space in between. It's quite a challenge. I am thinking about parallel arc lines in the background, in clear monofilament. I looked at more of your shibori -- wonderful stitching .I have tried that and know how demanding it is to pull those little threads!

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