Thursday, September 1, 2011

glass and textiles, done?

Here are the abstracts I have settled on for my glass-to-textiles triptych -- three images of a glass piece I made,which I translated into little scenarios some time ago.

I have been reflecting on these for a while now, deciding whether each works, whether they are unified, and how I might stitch them. Each will be about 24" high. Since my printer can't handle that, once I have really reflected on these enough to commit to having them printed, I will be on my way to an adventure.

My plan is to hand stitch these. They feel delicate to me, and call out for some tender handling, time in my lap with Sanjagirl and the kitties close by.

1 comment:

Loris Bogue said...

Glad you decided on a triptych and that they are different widths. Carry on!!! Beautiful!

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