Tuesday, January 31, 2012

fused glass and process (again)

Two newly created fused-and-blown-glass vessels now grace our living room. In a few weeks, as I have written, one will be donated to a local charity for auction. Initially, the vessel pictured above was designated for that fate. Here is the fused glass slab as it emerged from the kiln:

I had experimented with painting a Japanese calligraphic symbol at the lower right hand corner. As I anticipated, that character (meaning "peace") ended up on the bottom of the vase. The glass blowing process had stretched it out of recognition:



I have been experimenting with the "expansion" aspect of design in these glass piece, editing my design in a way that reflects my hoped-for end result after the glass blower, with his own artistry, creates the vessel design I request. Planning for volume is a whole new world to me. The process is a loose one, and I never cease to be filled with wonder when at first I see the finished glass work and how my designs have altered.

I have not been especially fond of this piece for the two weeks it has been with me. But it seems I have a process of getting to know new pieces, living with them, and my reaction to them modulates.

Fortunately for me, as this has happened with this glass piece (as well as a recent textile work) my initial reaction of disappointment has morphed into a muted appreciation, and then, a deep satisfaction. Perhaps there's a lesson there.

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