Monday, March 12, 2012

"Rituals" -- round three

My weekend was spent feverishly stitching on my entry for the upcoming juried exhibit entitled "Rituals," which calls for a work that embodies that theme. As I have shared before, my first endeavor was halted due to my inability to hand stitch without damaging a body part (my compromised non-dominant shoulder).

The second endeavor, which I am smashed about, crashed and burned yesterday, as I had, in my panic to get a piece finished in time, forgotten several crucial rules of construction: 1: back your textile with a stabilizer if you are going to engage in intense stitching; and 2) stitch the overall piece first to ensure a finished flat surface.

Here's a detail of the stitching. I used a clear monofilament thread. I was hoping for the thread to "read" as glass, all a-glistening and sparkly, like the glass vase I made, photographed, and transformed into textile in this piece. So far, it was is my sad piece after the above-mentioned errors had come to fruition...

So, version 3.0 is in the works now. I am certainly heeding Shakespeare's admonition "Know Thyself" -- and I guess that is the point of my "Rituals" experience.

Each version reflects my ritual approach of transforming one form of my art into another -- glass to textile, pencil sketch to textile, at other times, textile to glass.

So, as the Bard, said, "Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow..." and two days after that, this Rituals Round Three is due!

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