Monday, March 5, 2012

a second transformation, glass to textile

We all have internal switches that cause us to gravitate to the same color palette, similar motifs. Many of us have similar ways in which we approach design.

My current passion is trying to explore a mode of communication between my glass art and my textile art. I am captivated by how a flat panel of glass then becomes a vessel, with volume, and then, when photographed, can be again represented in a flat plane via fabric.

It is this theme that I pursued for my entry into an upcoming juried exhibit called Rituals.  And as I shared in an earlier post, I had to abandon, for the present, my first project, as the many delightful hours of stitching caused a blowout of an old shoulder injury.

Enter effort number two,  which is the design (above) I created with after digitally manipulating photos of a vase I made. 

Now this two-foot-by-five-foot image, printed on cotton sateen, awaits my machine stitching, an activity I expect will be a lot kinder and gentler to my less-than-perfect shoulder.

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