Saturday, June 23, 2012

the magic of glassblowing, continued

Here, Eric Anderson, Seattle glassblower extraordinaire, gives his assistant Myles Freedman directions on when and how hard to blow into the blowpipe as Eric manipulates the hot glass.

This requires a masterful knowledge of the different viscosities and other heating characteristics of all the various types of glass in the piece. If a “soft” color (one that heats up quickly) is adjacent to a “hard” color (one that heats up slowly), the glassblower calls for fast or slow, long or more brief blowing as he shapes the glass while he "reads" its needs.

The whole process is fraught with the possibility of disaster (and at times, I must admit, I had to look away as Eric performed his magic!).

Eric was doing these rollups as part of Patty Gray's Advanced Fusing Class at Pacific Art Glass in Gardena.

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