Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a new glass textile glass mystery and Dorothy Caldwell

Ever since I took a Dorothy Caldwell class on "mark making," I have been captivated by the element of line. In this new work pictured above, this element has progressed through several stages, beginning with this art glass piece I made last year (pictured in my banner, above):

I have previously shown images created from photographing this piece. One of those images was printed on cotton sateen. I used a clear thread and densely stitched the piece vertically, hoping these lines would "read" as glistening glass (work with me here...):

I showed the piece to my small group of fellow minded art quilters, and one of them, Loris Bogue, suggested that I return to a method I had used many times before, that is, attach a piece of art glass to the textile! Why didn't I think of that?

I had the perfect glass piece, one I had made when I was experimenting a few weeks ago, trying to get texture (a relief pattern) inside a piece of glass (which is, alas, inherently flat on top).

I lightly painted some clear cord glass (narrow raised channels which will fuse flat unless they are in an interior layer of glass in a multilayered piece), using a light turquoise glass paint. I then added some black crushed glass (a.k.a. frit) that I hoped would highlight the raised cord lines. That experiment made me jump for joy, so for this piece, I added another element that I hoped would further the connection between the glass and the textile:

That final element was the three strips of striped glass, black, gray and clear, that referenced the stripes on the left side of the textile (which in turn came from the digital design of the vase which, in actual fact, had included that very same glass!).  Who knew?

I "tack fused" these strips to the experimental piece, which resulted in the pieces staying on top of the glass, bas relief style. More texture! Ta da! This piece will be attached to the textile and mounting materials with fishing line.

Happy am I with this piece (Yoda talk). I'll post it later when it is mounted for display.

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