Monday, July 16, 2012

textile fused glass textile mystery

"Reflection" is a textile piece I made by printing my drawing on cloth. A version of that piece, on the right, will be up for auction in the annual SAQA fund raiser in September.

I reinterpreted that piece in glass. I made a thermofax screen of the image of the face, and used glass paint to create that image in glass. In turn, I had the glass blown by Ryan Staub into a vase.

Here is the sketch cum textile cum art glass. There is only a partial image of the face, visible in the top left photograph. I cut the face piece up and used several sections of it in this piece. The piece feels very mysterious to me, and I like that.


Karen Rips said...

This latest group of roll-ups really are impressive. I love the shapes, but more importantly you seem to be anticipating the final 3d product when you fuse the original one dimentional plate. Your glass art is progressing to impressive levels. Want to visit them in person. Hope to see you soon... Ted

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

Ted, your comments mean a lot to me for several reasons, foremost, that you are a glass artist yourself; and, you are a friend. I thank you. It's always great to get together with you and share our wares. Fondly, pam

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