Saturday, June 29, 2013

learning and learning

Wonderful thing, process. An experiment produced the flat panel on the left, which I gave to Seattle glassblower Ryan Staub to roll up into a vase. I asked him if he could preserve the arc in the lower part of the image, a difficult feat, as rollups eat the top and bottom portion of the fused glass panel.

But, of course, Ryan is a magician, so here is the vase, arc intact. I love it, very wintry.

And, in the making, I learned that I can use the process I used to create "before" glass panels as well, in my "what remains" series -- a series of wall -mounted installations . Anyway, thank you, Ryan, again.

I learned the image transfer process from its inventor, Carrie Iverson,  in a Bullseye class. Thank you, Carrie, too! The piece is four layers, and the top layer glass is one of Bullseye's "Saturday specials," a limited edition glass which I hope they will produce in copious quantities!

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