Saturday, July 6, 2013

..and learning some more, this time in Ojai....

Glass artist Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend lives in an adjacent community, and I was lucky enough to get her to tutor me in the art of using fusible film (decals) on glass. Of course, my first project required overlapping decals, something usually studied way after Decals 101 is mastered, so I got to learn how to deal with myriad unforeseen contingencies.

This was definitely a learn-by-watching experience. The process is a long and exacting one. In the first photo, Susan is lining up the decals where they will have a half inch overlap. In the second image, that overlap is visible as the darker band on the right side of the face, going from top to bottom.

The image is attached to one sheet of 3 ml. glass which I will fire tomorrow. Eventually, I will layer it with colors in a manner that is still dancing around in my head and will come to fruition after I see the decal in its sweet fused form.
I am hoping this glass work will be a companion piece to my textile, shown at the right.
Susan was a terrific teacher (she is a regular instructor at Pilchuck Glass School), and the whole experience both intense and serene (we were in Ojai, after all).

Stay tuned for further developments...

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