Tuesday, August 13, 2013

and...more printmaking on glass

My recent park scavenging has yielded some interesting results when I have used glass as a printing substrate. The image above is the result of two firings. The first result, below, produced an image that did not please me -- too faint -- but I do love the sketchy lines.

I printed the image again on a piece of clear reactive glass with a powder that has copper in it, knowing it would produce an interesting color, but not knowing what color it would be. That became the third layer in the second kiln firing. The original sepia tone in the image above (which is now the second layer in the piece) turned darker.

The final piece feels mysterious to me, full of energy. I like it. Here is a closeup of some of those wild and crazy lines that delight my senses --

And here is the original scan of the park tree detritus...the dirt and ephemera are the result of scanning many different park items in succession. I like the serendipity of the marks left during the scanning process.

Here is the image after I altered it digitally so I could use it in the gum image transfer process (my continual thanks to Carrie Iverson for teaching this process).


shilling10 said...

Hi Pam,

I'm interested in this image transfer technique. You mentioned cleaning up the image for the process. How do digitally change the image and what are you looking for in the clean up?



Pamela Price Klebaum said...

Yes, I want the image to be very graphic, so I eliminate any parts that I feel would detract from that very spare quality. I hope this helps!

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