Monday, February 17, 2014

process -- pre-engraving

Here is the piece after a water clean. Now, I will have a hand at engraving the center top section. It is composed of several layers of dove gray, black and white powdered glass.

This side rested on fiber paper and therefore has an uneven matte finish. That will have to be sandblasted off after I finish the engraving. The reverse side has a glossy finish, and I like the contrast

 I also love the detail of the indentation -- this is where the glass sank into the channel of powdered glass.

At Pilchuck this summer, I learned how to build a mold for slumping. I would like to do that for this piece and slump it after the engraving, sandblasting and other coldworking processes are completed. I have never slumped  a piece that has uneven thicknesses. More to learn...

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