Monday, January 5, 2009

the comforts of creatures

First things first. Sanja is one year old today!

Now, for the fourth and last post in a miniseries that began January 2...

I started this series with the comment, "nature amazes." On a rainy day hike by a pond, we came upon a heron (at least we thought it was a heron), and we remained still, hoping it would not fly away. I wanted to get a good in-focus picture of the heron.

Two ducks approached, and we thought they would avoid the much larger heron.

Here they are, approaching.

Suddenly one of the ducks changed course.

Of course, the other duck followed suit. Were they leaving the perceived threat?

No! They were going for a visit.

They sat on the same log where the heron had perched, facing in the opposite direction. The heron never moved.

Eventually, one of the ducks departed. In this picture, you can see the upper duck begin to fly away.

I was nonplussed by the demeanor of these creatures. The presence of five adults and two ducks had not disturbed the heron enough to cause it to depart, nor had the ducks sensed the heron or us as a threat.

I finally got what I think is a wonderful photograph. My hastily executed shots, taken when I feared the heron would depart, are out of focus, but here, having witnessed the trust that these creatures had for each other (and us), I could slow down and ensure that my camera captured this wonderful encounter. At last, the heron's eye is discernible.

Yes, nature amazes. And what should I learn from this vignette?

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Wen Redmond said...

Wow Aren't herons wonderful! They seem wise. I'm surprised she let you get so close. I have one near my lake cottege and if am I am really lucky, I can get a shot of it. I made it into a thermal fax silkscreen.

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