Tuesday, January 6, 2009

composing a dog

The element of line can lead the viewer's eye around a composition and communicate information through direction. Here, the slightly off-vertical line of the tree continues in its shadow, a strong diagonal line that almost bisects the photo. At the intersection of these two lines is the focal point of the picture, the dog.

The dog is illuminated, adding to its strength as a focal point. Through these principles of composition, we feel that this is a picture not of a dog, but of a scene, the woods, the light, a time of year, perhaps a sense of quiet, serenity.

A word about the dog. This is Peekaboo, our Boston friends' golden retriever, named after the Olympic skier Picabo Street. She accompanied us on the Wellesley walk I recently wrote about. An exuberant girl, even her rambunctious ramblings did not unseat those trusting birds. Another wonder of nature.

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